Led by Marc Apter, Image Power has at its disposal a cadre of talented professionals who specialize in public relations, marketing, social media, lobbying, graphic design, branding and other areas. Their collective experience includes campaigns for regional entities ranging from St. Mary’s College of Maryland, Anne Arundel Library System, National Philharmonic Orchestra at Strathmore, Castleton Music Festival, Chesapeake and Washington Heart Care, Maryland House & Garden Pilgrimage, to the promotion of international economic development and tourism efforts for the West Africa government of Togo.


Image Power has a proven track record of success in crafting branding and publicity campaigns and generating media coverage that includes front-page stories in local, state and regional publications, as well as in specialty media. Recent examples include a campaign to recreate the War of 1812 flag for the Maryland Historical Society as well as the promotion of the nation’s first ever memorial to the foot soldiers of the March on Washington in Annapolis, both of which garnered front page coverage in local, regional and statewide media outlets. Apter was recognized with a 2014 Thoth award from the National Capital Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America and a “Best in Maryland” award from the PRSA Maryland state chapter for the latter effort.

Marketing and Advocacy

Apter shows his family the MLK memorial in Annapolis that he helped establish. He and his father, David, are listed as advocates for the struggle for civil rights.


Apter was presented with the 2014 Drum Major Award by the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Committee for his PR and marketing campaign for the March on Washington Foot Soldiers Memorial.



Event Promotion

Current clients include world-renowned pianist Brian Ganz, who commissioned Apter to assist with publicity efforts when he embarked on a quest several years ago to play all of the works of Chopin over the course of a decade. Those concerts have taken place regionally, as well as at Strathmore Hall in Bethesda, MD. 

“I count on Marc to provide a fresh spin on each of these concerts, to attract first-time attendees as well as those who have followed me...It was he who came up with the idea of calling this quest ‘Extreme Chopin,’ riffing off of the extreme sport craze.”

~Brian Ganz

Branding and Publicity

Gary Jobson is an America’s Cup winner and the principle of Annapolis-based Jobson Sailing Inc., which promotes the sport of sailing at all levels. Jobson produced two films that were featured in the 2016 Annapolis Film Festival. With Apter’s assistance, the viewing was a sell-out.


“Marc has an almost ‘take no prisoners’ attitude when it comes to getting results...His knowledge of sailing, combined with ample creative juices, resulted in a successful outcome for the screening of my films – in a very short time period.”

~Gary Jobson

We publicized the National Philharmonic’s 2017-18 season.  

The January 2018 concerts, “Cosmic Designs,” were a collaborative effort between the orchestra and NASA which drew sold-out audiences to the 2,000-seat Strathmore Hall. We were able to encourage two TV stations to cover the events. The clip below is from WTTG, Fox-5 in Washington on the Friday before the weekend concerts.

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