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Client News: Brian Ganz

“Pianist Brian Ganz plays Chopin with joy, nuance and insight.”

~Grace Jean, The Washington Post​

“Notable in Mr. Ganz’s interpretation was a very wide range of dynamics – Mr. Ganz is a master-whisperer at the piano.”

~David Rohde, DC Metro Theater Arts

"[Ganz’s] great strengths as a Chopin pianist are shown best in pieces of a lyrical and poetic nature. His dynamic compass is a marvel. Just when you think he can’t possibly play more softly, Ganz takes it down a couple more notches, leaving you to wonder how it’s still audible.”

~Patrick Rucker, The Washington Post

Image Power also created a YouTube channel for Ganz and his ongoing Piano Talks, with videos garnering more than 1,000 views. We also provide social media support via Facebook and Twitter.

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