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Radio communications in Takoma Park, MD and Arlington, VA

Do you have a message for an audience in Takoma Park, MD or Arlington, VA? All across the country, the government is shoehorning new 100-watt community stations into the radio dial. The closet-size studio that volunteers built in Takoma Park is under a hardware store. The signal cable runs up past the keymaking machine to the roof, where it is relayed to an antenna on top of the 11-story senior center across the street. There are almost 200,000 potential listeners within the station's 7-mile range. Note that most workers are volunteers so you may have to spend some time to find the right person for your issue or music genre. Read more

Contacts: WOWDLP-94.3 FM, 7014-B Westmoreland Ave., Takoma Park, MD,, 240-696-4200,

WERALP- 96.7 FM, 2701-C Wilson Blvd, Arlington VA 22201, 703-524-2388,,

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